WD20EZRZ multi zone error rate 200

The parameter on the disk WD20EZRZ multi zone error rate 200 increased from 6 to 15 per month - is this normal? there is a WD20EFRX drive for 3 years and it has this parameter 0.
The disc has not yet ended the warranty - is this a warranty case?

Hi Luxyar,

Multi Zone Error is the total number of errors appearing while recording of data on the drive and it doesn’t affect the warranty.

However, we recommend running tests to check the health of the drive using the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool which performs diagnostics and repairs on to the drive. Also, it is advised to take a backup of data from the drive at another location for more safety concern.


very cool answer Brandon and very direct !

i would recomend you to use the warranty if this continues getting more and more. … test it one more month . It seems that your drive has bad platters or bad recording head mate

Backup backup backup!

good luck

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the number of errors continues to grow

Dead sectors appeared, is this a guarantee case?

yeah its dying… use the warranty mate seems to be some problem with write head

could you please check with hard disk sentinel the value write rate in smart ??

you have the portable version in their website