WD20EZRZ: How to convert to MBR

I have the above 2.0TB HD connected as an external via USB to an XP 32bit machine.
I’ve not been able to convert it into MBR so it can be read from the XP.
I connected to a Win7 machine, tried all the steps with Disk Management nothing… Although it looks OK in Win7 (NTFS) the XP machine doesn’t see it at all.
Also tried WD Quick Formatter from the XP, again program doesn’t see it at all.
Tried to Zero-fill it, again no results.
Is there a way to do it or it simply cannot be done?
As a last resort I don’t mind partition it…

It might be possible that drive is not getting enough power to operate on Windows XP machine when using with USB adapter. You can try to connect WD Blue Internal hard drive (WD20EZRZ) directly with the computer via SATA cable and check its status in Windows Disk Management. Then try to reformat it to format it with MBR.