WD20EZRXSP Feedback

I am posting this message as product feedback to Western Digital on the WD20EZRXSP model drive.

I recently ordered 2 of these drives through Bestbuy. Both drives failed the diagnostic test. I requested replacements. I eventually had to order a total of 7 of these drives in order to get 2 that would pass the diagnostic test.

Can you tell me if this is the normal failure rate for this model of drive - or was I just unfortunate to have a 71% failure rate?



Welcome to the Community.

This is not normal at all and if all replacement drives came from the same retailer there might be a retail issue going on related to drive handling. On those cases it’s best to either switch retailers or process replacements directly through WD.


I contacted the WD support desk after my first 4 drives failed. I was told that I need to continue to order replacements through the retailer if I wanted a “new drive” replacement. They said if I requested a replacement through WD support, that I would received a “refurbished” drive and not a new drive.

I’m am assuming that WD will contact Bestbuy about any possible resolutions to this problem.

Thank you