WD20EZRX / Win XP / WD Align says 'properly aligned' disk alignment test 'volume is not aligned'

hello i bought a new hdd WD20EZRX (Caviar Green 2TB) and formatted/partitioned following the instructions given in http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/search/1/a_id/3865/c/130/p/227,294 for my os windows xp

now when i try to run wd align it tells me 'all partitions are properly aligned. no further actions required but another program http://diskat.net/ disk alignment test says otherwise ‘volume is not aligned’… im a bit confused here what to do? is everything actually fine and i should just ignore this and continue to use the drive?

been very happy with my old 640gb wd drive and trying to google answer to this issue seems almost impossible been at it for few hours now.

hopefully someone could have a say on this and help me a bit

If the WD tool tells you it is already aligned, it should be. If an advance format hard drive is not aligned under Windows XP, you should notice a really slow performance.

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