WD20EZRX Clicking Noise

Hello everyone.

I just Bought WD20EZRX last week. But i have a problem.

I heard clicky noise every 1 minute “when disk is idle” (Didn’t heard anything when copy very big file or full error scan test).

This sound is looks like that:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt6asKkMJq0

What I Did?

1- I already full scan with WD software and HD Tune and there is nothing error or nothing wrong with disk. 

2- I already remove all other disk and this disk SATA cable. (Only putting power cable) and when i open computer i still can hear it. 

3- I put this disk to my another computer and i can still hear it.

4- So im sure there is nothing wrong with my cable or computer.

WD says: Green series is Quiet disk series. That’s why i scared this sound. Because i already have WD Blue disk too but didn’t hear anything. But this WD Green (Quiet) disk i can hear it.

Ppl tells me nothing wrong with my disk. it’s just Head Parking because this not working really. And i was confused and ofcourse i dont wanna send this this warrantly. Can’t wait so long i mean.

So i want a offical answer. What is problem with this disk? This really a problem or normal? If not normal? There is anyway too close that? On bios or 3rd application maybe?


Hi there, welcome to the community. The WD Green drives and quieter and more energy efficient than other WD drives, it does seem that is the head parking that is making the sound, however you can  contact support and see what they have to say.

I don’t see why the heads would be parkin, I would likely guess that it’s recalibrating itself.