WD20EARX writing zeros test failure

The disk didn’t pass the writing zeros test of Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics because of multiple successive problematic sectors.

Also, the disk failed the SeaTools test diagnostics. Those tests were repeated three times with same results.

The local seller’s service informed me that the disk passed successfully all the tests. They deny to grant the warranty.

What happens in this case? I refuse to keep a disk that fails the diagnostic tests.
Is it possible that a disk produces different results in different computers?

System Windows XP SP 3. Motherboard Albatron PX856PE PRO.

Hi, you should be able to create the RMA online. Check the link below for the steps.


i wonder what he means by “local seller”

it’s possible he may not be able to an rma…

Local seller is the intermediate company from which I purchased the disk and is responsible for the service. They told me that the disk is totally fine and refused to have it replaced.

I will probably rma it by myself.