WD20EARX SATA1 Compatibility

Hi, I’m looking to buy a WD20EARX to put into an old system that i just use for back up. The problem is the system only has SATA1 and I’m having a hard time finding out if this drive will work with it. I know that SATAII works fine just nothing on SATA1.

Anyone tried the drive or know anything about it with SATA1?

The WD20EARX is a SATA 3 Hard drive, so it can only go down to SATA 2 by using a jumper on pins 5/6. You can purchase a SATA 2 hard drive and make it SATA 1. Check the link below so you can compare the models. 


I actually just went ahead and bought it since i was in need of the space, Works fine on SATA1