WD20EARX problem - less than a week

Hi, I just bought a Synology DS411j and one 3TB (WD30EZRX) and 2x 2TB (WD20EARX). one of the 2TB is with some problem. I dont know how to exactly check the problem and for ask for RMA.



You can run a test using DLG, for the steps to replace it check the link below.





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If the drive is under warranty you can request its replacement, in my experience WD will not ask you for a confirmation that the drive has failed. 

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the hard drive is new, a week and half but was bought on germany. I’m afraid the WD in brazil won’t RMA it. Is it worldwide RMA?

The waranty is regional, you may contact WD and ask your drive’s region to be changed to Latin America:  http://support.wdc.com/contact/contact.asp?lang=en