WD20EARX - POST fails but working well under Windows

Hello guys,

starting from yesterday my pc hangs when booting during SATA detection. No drives are shown, simply a blank screen and nothing happens, PC frozen even for 1 hour (not tested longer).

Power off, disconnecting data cable of my WD20EARX and it boots normally, detecting all connected drives.

The funny aspect is once Windows 7 has loaded I plug the drive in (it is connected to a AHCI controller so hot pluggable) and, after some seconds, it appears in My Computer drive list, perfectly working, fast as usual, every file is ok.

Even drive testing under Windows (HDD Tune, Aida, ) are showing everything is fine, no S.M.A.R.T. errors…

Useless to say I tried all SATA cables here at home and all SATA ports… nothing, is THAT drive, even if attached to an additional SATA PCIe controller, same blank screen and hang.

What a strange trouble… any idea?

Welcome to the Community.

If the issue has been narrowed-down to this hard drive and different hardware options have been tested, then I’d recommend replacing it even if it passed diagnostic tests.