WD20EARX + external box compatibility problem


I bought a WD20EARX with an external box. They are not compatible. The tests with Data Life Guard Diagnostic Tool are all wrong (too many bad sectors detected), while performing tests it’s like interrupt the USB connection. I replaced the box, then the hard disk for two times. It’s the third hard disk that shows me the same problem. Now, I’m looking for an external box which is compatible for sure with the WD20EARX. I don’t know what to do anymore, help!

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Hard to tell, it will be trial and error to get one that works, since most enclosures manufacturers won’t have a compatibility list. 

I have two external boxes working in this moment

both support 2 tb hard drives and in one of them i have WD20EARS… so in teory the wd20earx should work correctly too in this box in Sata II.

1- ICY BOX IB-371STUS2-B  **HDD3.5 Black USB/eSATA (**great box with fan) Hard plastic


2- LCPower Pro-35BE3 HDD3.5 Black USB/eSATA Aluminium Box ( great box without fan)