I have TWO new WD20EARX DRIVES that do not work with Lifeguard 5.19 FOR DOS.

Tried  two drives and two machines with the same results.

If I connect only one or two  WD20EARX drive(s) Lifeguard 5.19 FOR DOS simply crashes on startup. Same for both drives. If I add a second older WD drive to the machine with one WD20EARX drive Lifeguard reports the WD20EARX drive as “unsupported” the older WD drive will then test normally.

If I try Seetools on the WD20EARX drive Seetools reports correctly what the drive is but then reports the drive as defective and will not pass even the quick test.

If I format and mount these drives under Linux I get write errors after several hour of steady use and then Linux shows many super block errors and the drive data is all toast.

I get the same results on two completely different PC with different manufacturer’s mother boards and controller chips.

WD support stated that “Lifeguard 5.19 FOR DOS SHOULD work” with the WD20EARX drive. The “SHOULD” word makes we wonder as this not like “does work” or “will work”.

I also have early versions of the WD20EARX drive the WD20EARS the these drives all work perfectly.

I would like to know if anyone else has problems testing with Lifeguard on the WD20EARX drive or using it under Linux

Hi, sounds like a hard drive that you need to replace.