WD20EARX as initio default controller

So I bought last september a WD Green Desktop WD20EARX that I put into a NexStar3 External Hard Drive enclosure.  It was working pretty well until 2 days ago, where suddenly my laptop would not recognize it anymore, and would install this “initio default controller” each time I plugged in my hard drive.  I did some research on the problem but the stuff I tried didnt work (not enough power, trying other usb ports, other comps)

So today I decided to remove the hard drive from the case and plug it with a Sata-IDE-USB converter cable that I had lying around, and found out I could detect the drive, but now I need to format it in order to use it. (I had the luck of copying 75% of my data on a friend’s HDD a week ago, so loosing the data is not that much of a problem, just a time consuming one)

So I’d like to know if someone had a similar problem, if only formating should fix it, and if the problem is/was with my WD hard drive or the NexStar enclosure.  Basically what I should do now (both are still on waranty I think), and what actually happened to my drive.



Since the unit was asking you to format it, the partition of the unit might in someway be corrupted. As a recommendation, you can try formating the unit since you took most of the information out of the drive and after that try connecting the drive internally to a desktop computer and test the unit utilizing the DLG tool from the link below.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows