WD20EARS shows up as 'Not a Western Digital Advanced Format Disk' in align tool

I am running WinXP Professional SP3 and bought this drive as a second storage drive. Been as they didn’t send me a jumper (GRRRRRRRR) the instructions say to use the WD align software.

Running this software did not recognise the drive at all, so I partitioned it using the Windows Disk Management tool. The drive now has a letter and seems usable, and it now shows up in the alignment tool. BUT, it is listed as ‘Not a Western Digital Advanced Format Disk’ and it is unable to do anything with it.

What could be the problem?? I am astounded that a new hard drive can be so fiddly and require software that doesn’t function properly. Very unimpressed with WD so far :frowning:

I’m in exactly the same boat.  Bought a WD10EARS to use as a backup drive for my desktop.  After upgrading my BIOS so the drive was recognized on my machine, I partitioned and formatted the drive (Primary, NTFS).  Then I launched the WD Align software by Acronis, and I’m getting the same thing.  The sw indicates the drive is “Not a Western Digital Advanced Format Disk” and also indicates that it has a “Non-optimally aligned partition”.

What gives? :angry:

Things just shouldn’t be this hard.  I’m ready to get a Mac…

I just got off the phone with WD support.  The tech asked me to download the  WD Align System Utility - Powered by Paragon and try that.  According to him, it’s preferred over the Acronis utility.  I downloaded and ran it while I was on the phone with him, and sure enough, it recognized that the drive was an AFD and allowed me to align it.  I ran the utility again after it was finished (took less than half a minute) and it now shows the disk as aligned.

Think I’m good to go now…

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Thanks, that’s far more helpful than the actual guy I’ve been wrestling with at support. I’ll try this out cheers.

Yup, that worked perfectly! Thanks :slight_smile: