WD20EARS produced an Controller error, how to rescue the Data?


i’ve got an Message from Windows7 that the Controller has a malfunction at the point where the WD20EARS had only 22GB free disc-space while i copied some VMs to the WD20EARS.
I restarted my PC immediately, then i used Windows Explorer to take a look on the used Disc-space first. I’ve shutdown the PC and removed the WD20EARS as i noticed that there are 1.4TB free now.

I know that the files are still there because there wasn’t any write operations since this issue, is it possible to copy (rescue) the files by buying a new WD20EARS and replace the controller ?


While some Users have reported success by attempting a logic board replacement, others have reported complete data loss due to incompatibilities in firmware and revision differences.

I’d recommend contacting a professional data recovery service company in other to minimize risk.