WD20EARS problems with WDTV Gen1


I bought another WD20EARS 2TB Green Sata drive and noticed that it plays horribly on my WDTV Gen1 player.

Videos played from this drive are choppy, artifacts all over the screen. Like something is impending proper reading process.

Plays OK on the PC.

Wondering if this has to do something with the Advanced Format drive?

This is how I formatted it: made a single NTFS partition on my XP PC with jumpers 7-8 in place.

Did not do WD Align, since it says it doesn’t need to if jumper is present.

Sometimes it shows only half of the files present, after reconnecting it shows all of them.

I have another WD20EARS which I formatted the same way and it works perfectly.

Both are used with the same USB enclosure.

Any suggestions?

It can’t be the EARS and AF per se that’s causing the problem.

Both because your other EARS works fine, and because all my My Book Essential drives have EARS drives in them, and they all work fine with both my Gen1 and my WDTV Live.

All the WDTV devices, from the Gen1 up through the Live Hub, currently only support one drive per USB port… if you have 2 drives in the same enclosure, then that’s presumably why you are having problems – unless they’re spanned as a single volume in that enclosure, the second drive isn’t supported by WD’s players.

The USB enclosure that I have is single slot only, so it’s not the source of the problem.

Ran a WD Data Lifeguard diagnostic tool on this drive today. Both Quick and Extended test passes OK.

Exact model Number is WDC WD20EARS-00S8B1

I should probably try to backup my drive before I experiment with WD Align software