WD20EARS not working anymore

After backing up two of my HDDs to my WD20EARS the drive is not working anymore. Sounds like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYoiH-7rAEE&feature=related

But in my case there are only two sounds - first one is long and deep, second one short and high - repeating five times, then silence.

Seems like a stuck spindle to me - but what now? Since it is my backup drive there are files on it I don’t have on any of my other drives (stupid, I know).

If I send the drive back to WD, what happens with the data on it? Will it be restored (if possible) and copied on the new drive? Or do I just get a new drive and will lose my data?

if youi senmd it to wd your data will be destroyed

only send to warranty after you recover your data

it seems that you need a recovery company :/  good luck

Sorry but that sounds like a faulty hard drive. If you really need the data, you need to contact a professional data recovery company, because for what I know WD will only replace the hard drive for you.

beeping sounds are related to spin-up issues. Heads could be holding the platters, or could be bearing failure.