WD20EARS HD Return Query


I have a small question, I recently purchased the WD20EARS 2TB HD from Ebuyer approx three months ago but now the drive appears to be dead. Would this issue fall under the usual manufacturers warranty, and if so do Western Digital prefer products to be returned directly? Or via the purchase merchant?



Try calling WD support first…


When my drives failed I found it worked very well to

  1. Get the serial number off the drive

  2. Register it at http://support.wdc.com/  (use the Register button)

  3. Start an RMA through the Warranty and RMA services button on the same page.

  4. They sent me a replacement drive within a week (need to give them a credit card number to get a replacement shipped to you before you send back the bad drive).

  5. I returned the bad drive in the box they sent me the replacement in.  I bought the UPS shipping label for it from a link in the email they sent me.

All in all it was pretty easy, I just folllowed the links in the email they sent me after i requested the RMA. 

Now if I didn’t have drives fail in the first place! :wink: