WD20EARS Failure Predicted Raw Read Error Rate * CURSED HD SERIE


I’m kinda desesperated. I bought at different times/places 3 WD WD20EARS 64MB and after a while they are all failing.

I’m using Hard Disk Sentinel and everytime after a while I’ve got this warning message :

  • Failure Predicted!!! Raw Read Error Rate

- Windows detected HD problem

  • quickly HD is not detected anymore by BIOS/Windows.

It seems it’s NOT firmware related coz hard disks affected can be 80.00A80  50.0AB50 or 51.0AB51.

It’s also NOT related to my system (power supply, motherboard) because I’m using others HD (WD, Hitachi & Samsung) and I get not errors for them, it runs smoothly!

The thing is I already had remplaced some HD with the same model (only another firmware) but the same thing happened after two weeks and another one after one day only !

This is crazy. Western Digital should be fair and acknowledge that the serie is bad and refund customers or replace the HD with a better serie (BLACK).

I’m waiting to hear from you.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. : I also read about “idle3 timer” issue about WD but it seems there is no software for WD20EARS only for others models so I did nothing about that (values are factory default)…

what can we users say mate??

backup your data if possible and try another 2tb drive :confused:

gambling with drives this days