WD20EARS Failed Test


Guys I purchased 3xWD20EARS. 2 seem to be working fine (YET), havent done extended tests though. Anyways One of the drive never went through the initial setup. It is recognized and everything is fine. It gets formated too, BUT when I try to copy anything it freezes just after few hundread MBs. Running the Lifeguard Diagnostics it fails in the quick test and gives the error (Picture Below). HDTune scanning also freezes after first 3 block (quick test).

I think the drive is bad :cry:   Anywaysy can anyone suggest something that I can do to fix the drive. I dont want to RMA it. I read that this might be due to Firmware corruptions, can it be re-flashed? or anyother tips.

Systeme specs are;

Windows 7 32Bit, Asus P6T Deluxe V1 Board, Corei7 920, 3GB DDR3 Ram, etc.



WD Error.jpg

servo… thats the motor for the hard drive… that could definitely be a bad thing

read this  http://community.wdc.com/t5/Desktop/WD20EARS-A-batch-of-lemons/td-p/89869

if your drive is from this date/range - it could be just a bad drive…

if it cant pass DLG Diag tests, i wouldnt trust it, and replace it asap with a working drive to guarantee functionablity and longevity, not to mention being able to keep your data long term without working about the drive failing…