WD20EARS Clicking Noise

Hello everyone, 

This is my first post on this site, i’m sorry to be asking for advice already.

I have a WD20EARS (2TB Green) drive that just stopped working after 2.5 years of me using it. Just my luck it is out of warranty too. Here is whats happening. First my PC takes ages to POST and when it does it says that the drive (connected to whichever SATA connector) is unavailable. When I go into BIOS, its not visible in there nor is it visible in Windows 7 x64.

So I decided to change SATA cables etc and still no luck but then I heard a strange clicking noise coming from the disk. Is appears as though the arm is moving across platters but just stops and comes back to its default position. This happens several times and then the drive just shuts down until I reboot my PC and then it all happens again.

Is there something that I can try and do myself to fix this problem or is this drive destined to be a paper weight? I thought maybe the PCB could be at fault but it’s better to ask for an opinion before spending money on what could possibly be a dead drive. 

Thanks in advance, 



As a recommendation, test the drive on a different computer as a secondary drive.

Check the link below for additional information on how to test the drive.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

check your serial number on wd website

some old HDD have 3 years warranty

if you have luck maybe the power supply not providing enough power .  try on another pc first