WD20EARS and WD Align v2.0 build 111 from Acronis

Just installed my drive and WD Align.

No jumpers on HD

Running WinXP sp3

I can see and format the drive in windows, but no matter what i do, the WD Align software can’t recognize anything else than my other drive/partitions

I have searched the net and this forum, but not found anything useful.

On the disk it is mentioned that i MUST use WD Align when running winXP … but why cant this program see my new drive?

I have rebooted several times: Nothing!

I have deleted the drive, reformated the drive and even partitioned the drive in two, but WD Align does not care :frowning:

what am i missing?



I don’t know why Acronis is having trouble seeing your drive, but you could try partitioning your drive using a utility that is Advanced Format aware.

For example, GParted (freeware) is able to “align partitions to mebibyte (MiB) or traditional cylinder boundaries”:

In your case you would choose mebibyte boundaries.


I didn’t get the chance to look into your solution because i was rather annoyed yesterday.

I found a jumper and sat it on pin 7,8 an suddenly WD Align could see the drive.  Then it took 21 hours of aligning.

I still haven’t found a good reason for WD Align software, but maybe it is because my disks running sata or my MB is way to futuristic ;)   ( its an old msi GA33M MS7357 V1.x ). i don’t know. I’m just a developer, not a technician :wink:

best regards

If you put the jumper on the 7-8 pins, then you didn’t need to run the realignment software. I think that’s why it took 21 hours. The software was fighting the jumper setting. Check how much space you have on the drive. It should say 1.81 TB. If you have something different you might have trouble with the drive not being aligned correctly. If it says 1.81 TB, then just chalk it up to experience!