WD20EARS Advanced Format on Windows 2000?

I know I can install the WD20EARS on WinXP by partitioning, formatting and running the Align Tool.

I have a multimedia server with 4 of the older 1TB EADS models running Windows 2000 SP4 and a Syba 4-port PCI SATA card with a Silicon Image SUL-3114 chipset, which works just fine.  All of the drives are stand-alone in IDE compatibility mode, NO RAID!

Last night one of the drives failed, I’d like to replace it with the new 20EARS I bought today, but just before I got down to installing it, I realized that the OS is Win2k, and checked all over the WD site, the don’t mention Win2k at all!

Can I use the align tool in Win2k?  Will I run into any issues?  I could upgrade the server box to WinXP, but don’t really want to do so if I don’t have to since it will take a few hours to install and config everything.


The REAL Joe

I wouldn’t even make the attempt. Win2k is just far too old… they are already working outside the box supporting XP with them.