WD20EARS - 2TB SATA 2 Drive - RMA Time?

Hello everybody,

My first post here… I have a WD20EARS that has gone wonky in a NAS setup… No RAID was setup so lucky I didn’t lose anything… Here are some screenshots… I’ve begun reading some posts regarding the LLC and studying the WDIDLE3.exe tool… I noticed the load cycle was very high on the drive that died… It was used for streaming video mainly and random file access… I have the second good drive as comparison which was just holding data… Should I RMA the bad drive??

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-Failing WD20EARS (C1 - LCC = 141215)

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  • Good WD20EARS

I’ve been using WD drives for along time… This will be my first time RMA a drive… We shall see how it goes… Should I use advanced RMA or standard?


You can also run a test with DLG, if it fails a second time replace it.


Hi well a advanced RMA is a lot faster and they give you 30 days to send the old drive back. To do a advanced RMA you would have to call them.

Trying to see if the drive fails under DOS Western Digital Lifeguard tool… Not even sure if its running the short test anymore… I am most likely going to advance RMA…

You don’t necessarily need to call to do the advanced RMA, you can also do it from the portal page.



I started the advanced RMA from the portal… Should I wait for the new drive in order to reuse its packing material and send the old drive back? I don’t have any small boxes or alot of bubble wrap currently… This is my first advanced rma from WDC…

Edit: The BIOS continues to complain via SMART about this drive… Aswell as Data Lifeguard Diag failed from DOS with the read errors… I think it’s definately time to send it back…