WD20EADS broken or not?


lately one of my WD20EADS drives is acting up. So I looked at the SMART values and found that both

Current Pending Sector (C5)

Offline Uncorrectable (C6)

were at 1421 which seems really high. Also the Write Error Rate (C8) was at a couple of thousand.

Problem is, that the health status is always classified as OK as the pending sectors were not marked really broken yet.

And here it comes. I’ve downloaded the DLG programm to check the drive. But all tests - the SMART and extended check as well as the zero-write - fail at around the same sector count. But still the drive is marked OK. After the tests failed a SMART event is registered for this drive but once I’m back in Windows the drive is “OK” again :frowning:

Could sb. hint on what to do. For me this drive is dead and I don’t want to put any real data on it again. But I also don’t want to send it in only for some guy telling me that it’s still marked OK.

I’ve replaced drives with WD for 1k of bad sectors with no problems, so you should be able to do the same.