wd20eads-32s2b0 2tb drive only recognize 750gb

Hello everyone,

As the title already says I can’t find a solution for this problem. I had exactly the same problem with a Seagate, then I could update the firmware and my problem was solved. What about this one, is there a firmware update? I couldn’t find anywhere. Anyone have had the same problem?

I’ve tried in various computers(new), USB adapters, cases, and in the BIOS show me only 750GB.


Hi. welcome to the community.

WD does not provide firmware updates for this internal drive, If writing zeroes to the drive using the DLG still shows the same I would recommend you to contact support and see if they have more information.

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Has the Seagate hard drive also 2TB or is it a 3TB hard drive? Was the hard drive ever connected to a Gigabyte motherboard?

My mistake.

seagate was 1tb and it was recognizing only 750gb as well. I have other WD 2TB and it works fine 2TB. Never been plugged to a Gigabyte motherboard