WD20EADS-00S2B0 No SMART info

Hi all,

I have litle problems with 2 TB green serie (WD20EADS). First there was corrupted SMART information and then it won’t give any SMART data.

WinDlg test (Quick, Extended and Write Zero) was PASS but extend test failed to write status.

Is there any solutions to restore SMART data?

I used wdidle3 after I installed 2 new 2TB green drives and changed indle time to 300s after I noticed that fast C1 growing. This also changed old 2TB green drive idle time to 300s. Was the old green drive also using same 8s idle time?

So did this idle powersaving funtion corrupt my SMART info? Disk was 24/7 powered and used 5-8h in day to listen music.

If you are getting a fail in the extended test, then replace this drive as fast as you can, it will fail you at any moment.