WD20EADS-00R6B0 Suddenly Only 1TB

After my computer failed to boot I put in my spinrite disk and it told me that there was a difference from the drive and the bios , so into the bios I went and now it’s only showing 1000GB.  So then I got my Techies Toolkit 3 boot disk and checked partition table it to told me there was a conflict with the drive and I still only had 1TB.

Does anyone know the physical disk specs. Heads,cycinders and so on so I can re-write the partition table manually ?

(please don’t insault my intelligents with you need a bios update because it was 2TB last week and now it’s 1TB)

Also if the only answer is RMA and is going to cost my anything, Let me know and I’ll use it as a baseball and cut my losses.

  Thanks in advance for any input

I had this happen to two of my drives last week.  Exact same model.   WD20EADS-00R6B0

I spent 90 minutes on the phone with WD and they have never seen anything like it before.  I was able to get all of the data off of it using GetDataBack.  But it’s still very annoying.  What could cause two of the exact same drive to have this happen at the exact same moment?

I’m hoping that i don’t have to go through this again with my new drives that are on their way.

Do you have a Gigabyte motherboard with Xpress Recovery BIOS?

If so, then see this thread:

You can also try the HDD Capacity Restore Tool:

I would also upgrade your motherboard BIOS.