WD2002FYPS - size changed to 1TB after cable mixup


Havea prob with my new super WD drive. Running Windows7 and when rebuilding got the cables wrong and drive is now registering as unformatted 1TB. I was going to use testdisk to recover the data but both it and the WD Diagnostics tool show the drive as 1TB.

How can I fix this?

Most of the data is backed up and happy to reformat and copy the data from backups.

Thanks alot



It appears that a bug in your Gigabyte motherboard’s Xpress Recovery BIOS may have truncated your drive.
See http://community.wdc.com/t5/Other-Internal-Drives/RE3-1-TB-does-not-show-all-the-space/m-p/76974#M573

You good sir are a LEGEND!!!

Yep Gigabyte mobo and using HDAT2 and all back like nothing happened!!

Thank you very very much!!