WD2002FAEX; WD Caviar Black; recognized as USB + no smart (WinDlg)


My WD Caviar Black I have connected to SATA 6G. I have a Marvell controller and a P6X58D-E board. I have gotten some errors; event-id 11: Controller error detect in \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 and \Device\Harddisk1\DR2.

SMART status not available according to WinDlg. Also, appears to be recognized as USB. Windows 7 says it’s a SCSI drive.

Health says ‘Warning’. Though passes short test (WinDlg).

First it appeared as a removable device (safe remove in system tray). Also I’ve gotten some BSOD’s when shutting down (mv92xx; Marvell Controller). Though maybe now not anymore (changed Marvell driver to 1.2), have not gotten any BSOD’s anymore, since a day or two.

Anyone can make sense of this?


Turns out I get these event-id 11 messages when I plug in an USB storage device. Though I don’t have a problem with my flash drives.

Confirm the drive is being recognized in the BIOS and that is showing the full capacity, According to the details this appears to be a misconfiguration of the BIOS, at this point you could update the BIOS for that you might need to contact your BIOS developer or the Motherboard’s manufacturer.  test the drive with the version of DLG for Dos.

there been many people saying marvel SATA3 having many issue 

try plug the drive to intel ICH10R port instead marvel and see if the issue fixed

sad things but many people saying they get better performance on Intel SATA2 port rather than marvel SATA3 port

if you insist to plug the harddrive to SATA3 port, then look for BIOS / driver update

ASUS support site might didn’t provide latest version, so if you still have issue with the available driver

try look at station-drivers.com … they usually have latest driver including beta driver, and don’t worry their file is legit