WD2002FAEX randomly restarts it self

Hi all,

I am an owner of WD2002FAEX 2 TB Black for a half a year or so, and just recently

drive started to randomly go through power cycle (shuts itself off and on again), in 

Windows, as well as Linux, each day, at least once.

Drive is not part of RAID and for now it only happend when drive was not in use.

SMART as well as bad block checks went without problems. 

Does anyone have any idea, what could be cause of this?


Hi well most reboots like that are caused by bad ram. Get a copy of memtest bootable cd and check the ram if you have not done so yet. Also check  the window event log and see if it tells you anything.

I have tested ram as well and there are no problems with it.

I don’t know if my OP was clear enough, but computer doesn’t reboot, only 

the suspected hard drive goes to power cycle and comes back online after few seconds.

I also have 2 additional WD RE4 drives which don’t show similar behaviour.