WD2002FAEX not recognized

I’m a large user of Western Digital company. I use 60 GB, 80 Gb , 200Gb  1 Tb(external)…

My problem it’s that i can’t use my hard disk Western Digital Caviar Black of 2 Tb Sata III.

My motherboard is Asus P6T SE that runs with Sata II hard disks, but i suposed i could be used too with  my board.

My sistem Operative it’s win xp profesional Sp 2 recently updated to Sp3

I’ve looking for drivers for sata becose in this pc i use Ide drives(60 and 80) and now i want to use one big sata.

I’ve downloaded a lot of (suposed drivers for sata) but no one recognizes it.

Could someone help  me to detect this disk(WD2002FAEX)?


If the hard rive is not showing in the BIOS, you need to check to see if the SATA “ports” are enabled or not.  Once the SATA ports detect the hard drive , the Windows XP should see the hard drive, if the SATA ports are using “Legacy IDE.”  If not, you will need to check with ASUS for a SATA driver.

I put all sata frivers that i found .

Later, i buy an asus u3s6 and don’t recognizes it.

I only have 2 options more. upgrade bios and put win 7. but i will do in few days if i don’t find any solution.

Thanks for try to help me!

You need to have a motherboard or controller card that will actually read SATA III, for it to recognize and run it at SATA 6.0.  Otherwise you have to jumper it for SATA 3.0/SATA II for your board/BIOS to read it.

Jumper Settings


I just got this drive today… sounds like the same issue as you.

It lasted about 1 min before it died.

Plugged it in, windows could see it = gave it a quick format and a drive letter… and POOF!!!

Burnt electronics smell of death.


Checked the bios just to be sure, yup - the controller chip is fried.

My system is a dream setup for delicate parts… line conditioning power strip folllowed by a power conditioning UPS unit, followed by a very high end PC Power and Cooling power supply, inside an EMI shielded tower.

No reason for the electronics to go pop.

Here’s to waiting on a replacement.