WD2002FAEX copy from 1 partition to another is extremely slow WHY?

I just installed a new WD2002FAEX secondary drive and partitioned it into 3 basic primary drives.  My first drive in the system is a WD1002FAEX which has 4 basic primary partitions/drives.

Transferring files from one partiton to another on the WD1002FAEX is fast/correct.

But when I try to copy files to and from the new WD2002FAEX drive the transfer is extremely slow, like as if it were a usb connected drive.  But it is connected internally and the speeds should be much faster.

To copy a directory that is about 70Gb from 1 partiton to another on the same drive, it is going to take 30-35 minutes to transfer.

If I try to copy this 70Gb directory from the WD2002FAEX to any of the partitions on the WD1002FAEX it is only going to take 16 minutes, almost half the time.

Even writing to this new WD2002FAEX Drive, doesn’t matter which partition I choosel, the speed is so slow… What is up with this new drive?

What is wrong with this BRAND NEW WD2002FAEX drive?

My primary drive on sata 1, the W\D1002FAEX has no jumper.  Hence, pins 5&6 Only enable 1.5Gb PHY while these same pins on the WD2002FAEX limits PHY to 3Gbps. WHY not the same when both drives are basically the same just different in size.

I have since tried placing a jumper on the WD2002FAEX on pins 5&6 to limit PHY to 3Gbps.  But this did not do anything; the amount of time needed to copy this 70Gb directory from one partition to another on the same drive is still the same 30-35 minutes… THIS IS TOO LONG.

Well mate, the speed could vary depending of the computer configuration. How about running the Western Digital DLG tool also if possible test the drive with another sata cable and also test the drive with a different computer. Please let us know the results.

I just received a WD2002FAEX as a replacement for a WD15EADS green drive showing extremely low transfer rates (looks like a common issue for these).

I installed it in a PC accepting SATA II only (3Gbit/s) and started by running a batch ot tests using "HDDScan for Windows version 3.3 " which revealed 0 bad sectors, a very good “Verify” benchmark indicating a starting ~140,000KB/s and ending with ~70,000KB/s.

I started then a Butterfly Read test and after more than two days I had an unpleasant surprise: an unexpected slow behavior when lots of  random seek / read operations were involved. Most of the time the transfer rate is under 10,000KB/s which IMO is deceiving…

I compared this behavior with another 750GB Caviar Black (for mobile) this time and got:

The noise in the middle corresponds to my anti-virus that started a full scan over the night, so I would ignore it.

I also started the same test on a 3GB Seagate ST3000DM001-9YN166 and this starts around 30,000KB/s. I need to run it for 2 days in order to get the full results. I can also compare with other 1TB Caviar Black  drives that I own but this is a long process. :cry:

I am not sure at this point if WD sent me a HDD with performance problems or it is simply just slow when seeking… Can anybody else run some performance tests for this drive and post the results?