WD2001FASS-00U0B0 Running Slow

I have 2 2tb drives.  Both are WD2001FASS-00U0B0 drives.  One of them benchmarks out at  111.3 MByrte/Sec for write speed and 130.3 MByte/sec for read.  The second drive benchmarks out at 39.4 MByte/sec write and 3.1 GByte/sec for read. 

Ok… I’m like confused.  Why is the write so slow on the one drive, while the drive with the slow write is faster in read than the other one?

They are both running on the same controller and I regularly defrag with DiskKeeper.

I have run WDC’s diagnosics and both drives report they are a’ok.

I’m running Win7.  I and using Parkdale 2.77 for the benchmarking.

Any ideas?

Have you tried change the drive position on your MoBo to check if it is a port problem? I know it sounds weird, but it happened to me once (Asus Rampage Extreme II).

you could also switch sata ports and see if the fast drive slows down.  good way to test.