WD2000F9YZ 2TB Noise


I recently bought this hdd.
HDD works good, every SMART parameters are OK, but i have “problem” with noise.

HDD is very noisy, surprisingly it’s louder than my cooler fan.
When hdd is in idle, noise is acceptable.

I want to ask other users which have this or similar hdd for experience about noise.

Thank you.

Hello there,

When this happens it is always good to verify if the drive has any problems with DLG, please check on the following link and click on data lifeguard diagnostics in order to diagnose the drive:

Hope this helps.

Hi ArMak,

I already tested with WD DLG, passed all tests.
But still problem when noise remains.

When hdd is in idle i can hear how motors slow down and noise is acceptable.
Does someone has the same problems?

Hi ArMak,

Do not use this drive anymore. It’s going to fail. Could be 1 min. from now or 1 year. I would not store anything important on this drive.