wd20 eurs

Hi, just received a WD20EURS drive ( 2TB Green AV GP Drive ) for a CCTV NVR( Dahua type ) THe unit starts and stops in the machine and is not recognised. Similarly when connected to my PC it does the same. Before I take the trouble to send it back is there anything I should have done or could do to sort this ? Thanks


 When connected to your computer, you mean internally with standard SATA connections, or do you mean using an external case? If it’s the former and the disk does not get recognized in your Operating System it would help to confirm if is seen in the BIOS of your system. Some external enclosures may not work with some disk drives unless they use specific jumper settings or have dedicated firmware revisions.

Hi, I have used an external usb adaptor to connect the drive to my pc.( I use this regularly to test drives etc with no problem ). I have also used another drive in the NVR with no problem. Thanks


If so, what are the specifications and compatibility requirements for your NVR unit?