WD20 EARS Slowing Down Windows Boot and more

I bought the Cavier Green 2TB drive a few days ago and i noticed several pressing issues. I am running Windows 7 64-Bit on a 680i SLI EVGA board. The first one was the problem I was having to even format the drive. Disk Management kept spitting back errors not even allowing me to even access the options for the format. I finally was able to format the drive using GPARTed. I thought my troubles were done there, but apparently they just got worse. After a few days use, I noticed my transfer rates dropping down to a steady 800kbs/sec. There were several spikes along the way, but the speeds were so agonizing to watch. To top it all off, I noticed that booting into Windows everytime, i saw the load animation freeze for several seconds. I was going from an 11 second bootup time to a 30+ seconds with the addition of this drive. I’ve done so much googling on this issue, i’m ready to give up. Has anyone run into problems like this and have a solution?