WD1600aajb Under Warranty?

I have a WD1600aajb drive that just started getting a SMART Failure warning. I ran the DLGDIAG and it states the Re-Allocated Sector Count has failed. Further down it states Warranty 1. Does this mean the dive is still under warranty? I cant remember when I got this drive but I think under a year.

too many bad sectors

some dust or debris from head crash in platters

replace your drive as soon as possible or maybe you will get irrecoverable erors in your files

see in western digital webpage in warranty webpage

The Warranty column merely tells you that a failure in that particular attribute will qualify you for a replacement drive, if it is still within its warranty period. Other attributes, eg Power On Hours Count, are wear-and-tear attributes and will not entitle you to a warranty replacement if they fall below their thresholds.