wd1600aajb smart status not available; invalid drive


Problem with WD1600AAJB showing Smart Status “? Not Available” and not showing in My Computer.

What do I need do to get the Operating Systems to again see and use the WD1600AAJB drive???

I have a DELL Precision WorkStation 530 MT running MS WIndows 2000 Server with 2 physical drives in it.  Been working fine for well over twelve months.  Three days ago the machine started hanging while booting in either normal or safe mode.  Would not complete boot even for over three hours.

Took machine apart, cleaned and dusted, reseated cables and now machine boots fine BUT doesn’t see the second physical drive.  Machine BIOS will see it but Windows 2000 does not see the drive.  BIOS Diags run fine to both drives.

On Windows 2000 Server macine can’t open Windows Explorer, getting error message “not enough space”, I think because it can’t see the second drive which is where the TEMP directory points.

The second drive is a WD1600AAJB 160GB PATA drive, manufacture date 10 April 2009.

I took the drive out, and using external USB to IDE convertor connected it to a Windows 7 (32 bit). Windows 7 does NOT see the drive under My Computer.  Windows 7 Computer Management, Disk Management sees the drive as Dynamic but says the disk is “Invalid”. 

Downloaded and ran Western Digital LifeGuard Diagnostics DLGDIAG, which shows it a USB connect WDC WD1600AAAJB-00J3A (USB) with 160 G capacity.

BUT it shows Smart Status as “? Not Available”.

Both DLGDIAG quick and extended tests pass.


What do I need do to get the Operating Systems to again see and use the drive???

I’ve replaced disk with another unit and other unit works ok.

Called Western Digital and arranged to have this faulty drive replaced under warranty.