WD15EVDS DLGDIAG Extended Test - Elapsed 16 hours, Remaining 688 hours!

Dear WD,

Having problem with WD15EVDS drive, so I backed up all the data I could.  There were several files that were unreadable.  Once all files were backed up, I removed the partition, created a new NTFS partition in Windows 7 and formatted it.  So far, so good.  I ran the DLGDIAG Short Test and it passed.  Now, I’m running the Extended Test and it has been running for 16 hours so far and is projecting to run for 688 more hours.  It seems that the test is slowing down at various points, so I assume it is encountering bad sectors.  However, do I really need to wait 688 more hours before I request an RMA to prove to WD that the drive is bad?  Is there a log file updated while DLGDIAG is running, so I can see what problems the program has found so far and just use that as proof of the bad drive?



Elapsed 17 hours, Remaining 733 hours.  Should I cancel this?  Otherwise, how do I provide proof for RMA?  I’ve invested 17 hours already, so I don’t want to cancel if WD requires it.

It appears to be “stuck” on one sector for hours.  I just realized that the current sector has not changed for at least 2 hours.  It’s on on sector 66,568,447 of 2,930,277,167!  Help!?

Couldn’t wait… called WD Support.  The rep said it is likely trying to repair that sector and cannot.  He said I should get an RMA for the drive, which I will do online.

Thanks anyway.