WD15EARS ticking

I recently purchased a caviar green 1.5 TB drive that has been sent back for RMA. This question involves my new drive that I got from WD. My setup is winxp, win7 and ubuntu on a separate hard drive. my caviar green is used purely as a storage unit. I’m already noticing the sort of hard drive clicking that entails with hard drive death and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with my setup. I don’t want to send a second drive back and go through this RMA hassle again.

follow up: I’m already hearing the dreaded “3-clicks” on my 2nd file transfer to the drive…

it seems that WD was done the same mistake that seagate did  :/

they dont make drives with this quality for a long time :confused:



i think they are on time really to still save the reputation they have :stuck_out_tongue:

please we dont want cheap parts, you know that your data is important to us :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very confused by this post. 

Are you just stating that the drives in general are of poor quality or is this comment supposed to help my situation?

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting something by your words.

Please elaborate if you can.

I’m under the assumption that this is a help forum.  If I’m wrong, please excuse my comment. 

im giving an advice to wd

you are backing your data right?

it’s not important data (as a precaution from last time)

you will lose your data sooner than excpcted

one of this days your drive will not boot

send the drive fro rma friend

thanks, i’ll try another RMA. Truthfully, I have doubts with WD’s RMA. My original drive was sent to their Canada shipping location 2 weeks ago and the RMA status still hasn’t changed. i’m getting very worried because it’s an Advance RMA meaning they have my credit card info and the RMA is due next week…

(The drive arrived at their DHL shipping office 2 weeks ago, confirmed with my tracking number.  i’m still worrying)

calm down friend

wd allways been recognized for quality in RMA too