wd15ears slow/no response

Hi all, I got a problem with my wd15ears. Seems I cannot write small files anymore - if I try to copy about 200 files of 4KB it says wait for ~7 hours and then explorer is crashing. I still can copy files from the drive. It is Win 7 32 bit all updates installed. Did not run WD align tool.  Any suggestions?


Please run the Western Digital DLG application, you can download it from www.wdc.com

I formatted the drive and after that used DLG tool. This is the test result:


Does it mean everything is ok with the drive? How can I be sure that there are no bad sectors?

I also used HDtune error scan… Could you confirm if I am ok now?




Have you tried a different cable?

a different controller?

It seems that cable was the reason. I changed it and now I can copy small files to/from the drive. However CRC error from HD Tune is still there.

Make sure the error count doesn’t increase.

Good point. I will monitor it for a few days

So far so good, the counter does not increase… I guess the topic can be closed, thank you

what os are you using?  and are there any issues with the drive’s data transfer performance?  you did say that you didn’t use wdalign, and that drive is an advanced format drive.

As mentioned in the first message, it is Win 7 32 bit all updates installed. After I replaced the data cable I have no issues with performance and error counter does not increase

sorry, I read right through the win 7 part.  i was just making sure the drive partition got aligned.  7 does it automatically.