WD15EARS Not acting as slave

Hi, I just picked up a WD 1.5TB Caviar Green Drive and I cant seem to get OS to recognize it. Here is my set up. I have a 80GB  Master drive with Windows XP, 120GB slave, and The caviar. The drive is SATA but my mother board and power supply a older so i have a SATA to PATA adapter on the drive to allow the IDE cable to connect. When I plug the Drive into the Master cable the BIOS recognizes it and the other drives dissapear, but i cant seem to get it to be recognized along side the other two drives. Any ideas. Ive searched high and low and cannot seem to make this work. What pins should be jumped for the drive to run as a slave? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Since you’re running XP, this might help. There doesn’t seem to be any jumper settings for slave. 

Any jumpers would be on the SATA-to-PATA adapter PCB.