WD15EARS ... how about dynamic disks?

I bought 2x WD15EARS drives to rebuild my software mirror array onto them from my current setup (used 2x #Samsung HD103SJ drives, but one unfortunately died after 6 months and instead of replacing it I decided to go the safe way and bought WD drives - boy did I make a mistake with that).

The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and the regular procedure would be to stick one WD15EARS in and rebuild the mirrors from the HD103SJ onto it, then replace the HD103SJ with the other WD15EARS and have the array on the WD drives.

Before doing anything I removed the missing volumes from the software array, so disk management at the moment shows 3 healthy volumes. I’ve added the WD15EARS and tried the long established routine - add mirror for all 3 volumes. Well it did work for the first 2 (the system reserved 100 MB boot volume and my Operating system volume), unfortunately with my Data volume the process of rebuilding the array slowed the operating system down to unrealistic levels (you couldn’t start even one application without waiting 30 seconds - and I’m talking about Notepad and Calculator here …) until the whole procedure hung the operating system into total unresponsiveness (and the CPU load the whole time was <2% on all 4 cores).

Seeing this wasn’t really an option, I’ve tried to use the Acronis True Image WD Edition, but alas - it doesn’t support dynamic disks. I’ve tried realigning the source disk (as suggested in a piece of documentation on the WDC website) - well that does not support dynamic disks either.

So it seems I’ve bought 2 very expensive doorstops. (2x119,99€).

Can WD clarify if they do support Dynamic disks in Windows 7 or not? (they’ve been around for quite a while, and I would’ve expected WD to take that into account while designing this hard drive).


id recomend you to go back to the shop and get another samsung…

at least you will get your performance back

send the other for replacement off course