WD15EARS failed Data Life Guard Quick Test

I got a WD15EARS drive off Newegg and it was defective so I exchanged it with them for another one.  Now I am running the replacement drive through its paces.  I ran the Data Life Guard Quick Test on the drive and it failed, reporting Error code 07 (Failed read test element), though Data Life Guard seems pretty flaky.  I am not sure what Data Life Guard is telling me but  I am not sure if I trust this drive either.    I performing some copies to the drive right now which seem to be going okay but still, I’m not sure if I trust this drive.  What should I do?

My Caviar Green WD7500AACS fails the Quick test with the same message after running for a couple of seconds.

You could run the Extended Test, mine completes that, but I think a much better test is to run a Windows Checkdisk.

On a Windows command line, enter


where E: is the drive letter.

If it is the system disk, you will need to reboot to be able to run, it neeeds exclusive access.

This reads and rewrites every sector (non-destructive) and takes some hours. Check the Bad Sector Count at the end.

Hi again,

Reformat your drive (slow not quick) if you can. I have just done that to my drive - and the Quick Test now succeeds.

Before the reformat, it would always fail - on two different PCs even.