WD15EARS (caviar green) constantly disable Write Cache

my WD15EARS seems beginnig to die: some files are unreadable, many bad sectors. All Smart-Tools report problems with too many: Reallocation Sector Count, Reallocation Event Count, Current Pending Error Counts and Uncorrectable Error Counts. But the WD-Smart-Repot reports all is ok and under the limit.

I succeed in bringing the Current Pending Error Counts to 0 by deleting all files und erasing the disk with HDDScan (I am skeptical it was a good idea). Within this procedure the writing rate suddenly break down to 10% and remains by that smal rate with all following write operations (e.g. Windows copy).

By disabling and subsequent enabling the write cache with Windows-XP the writing rate ist ok for a short time, but break down again within the copy procedure. I could see the disabled cache in the Info from HDDScan.

Can somebody help me? Is there any recommended action?

Have you try running the WD DLG tool? It could guide in the right path…

Thank you for the answer:

I have running the WD-DLG-Tool with no solution.

The Smart-Report has green marking on all positions.

The Quick-Test failed after a few seconds with the error 07 (failed read test element)

The Extended-Test normaly runs with about 150,000 sectors per second and break down to nearly  0 in an area where the read test with HDDscan also break down with acess times up to 3000ms. I don’t have the patience to wait for the end of the test by an estimated time of more than 5 hours.

After the test abort it has repaired the bad sectors, but HDDScan found them again.

Here is the curious read rate diagramm.

The result: the problem it is not only the disabled write cache. I suppose, there is no way to reanimate the disk.

Do you have an other idea?