WD15EADS with external enclosure never shutdown

I have just bought a WD15EADS with an external enclosure. I use this drive as an external hard drive linked to my computer with USB2 link.

Now, when I switch off my computer, the hard drive is still spinning even 6-7 hours after. I have to switch off manually the enclosure to power down the drive.

Is there any way to auto power down the drive when the computer is off ?


Negative, the external enclosure has it’s own dedicated power supply that has nothing to do with the computer it is connected to, it’s a completely sperete device, the only thing i can think of would be to put the power supply plug and the computer plug on a power strip together, and that way when you shut down your computer you could turn off both at the same time, other than that, you have to switch off the enclosure on your own.