WD15EADS performance

I have recently noticed that the performance of my drive is horrible. It is a 1.5 Tb drive with only 135Gb of info on it (not my OS drive). It shows 0% fragmentation. I am not sure if my drive is dying or another component of my system is going but the speeds are too erratic to be correct. I ran HD Tune on it and I am attaching the results. One was done about 12 hours before the other with no system changes. It is still under warranty but I am deployed so I dont know if I will be able to get a replacement from WD while I am gone. I would be greatful for any help I can get.

The green drive does not have a amazing performance, however is less noisy than any other unit. Perhaps that’s the reason you are encoutering this problem. I’ll recommend you to get black drive or even blue.

try anoher cable in another sata port ( that you know its good)

i think your hard drive is full of bad sectors