WD15EADS low write speed!


sorry for my bad english but i’m french.

i have probleme of speed of my WDBAAU0015HBK-EESN…

the speed in write mode is lowest of 0.5Mb/s. this speed is the same in the box of hdd and on a external dock for drive (usb 3.0).

idem with usb 2.0 and on usb 3.0.

Thanks for help (firmware, softs or other)


It sounds like it’s running in USB 1 mode, maybe a bad cable or seomthing?

As for the drive itself, You just don’t see WD firmware updates. It might be a problem with the drive, if you can post a SMART report we can take a look at it.

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this is not a cable problem because the external other dock work fine with another hdd and this disk is lower…

the dlgdiag write zero test: 42 hours for write zero on all surface of the disk.

all other tests seems be ok.


Right, so I can almost guarantee the drive has failed. If you post a smart report from hdtune etc. I can confirm.

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I agree, but I would recommend using the WD Smartware since that comes with the drive.