WD15EADS 1.5 Green Drive

 I am trying to put this Sata drive in a computer with a pata motherboard using an adapter. I could not get bios to pick it up in one computer so I have put it in one of my computers that is running Win 7 with a MB that supports both pata and sata. The primary drive is a WD ata drive. When I put the sata drive in the system and booted it up the sata  drive was installed as an ata drive but only shows up in the device manager and not in the my computer box. On boot up the bios also shows the sata recognized as an ata drive not a sata. The lady that wanted to update the drive wanted to clone her old harddrive to the larger one but could not get the drive recognized. Any suggestions or am I trying to do the impossible?

Well, finally figured it out. Never thought of putting the adapter in the 2nd ide slot then using the acronis to initiallize and clone the old drive to the new drive. It is cloning as we speak. Long process but what the heck.