WD15EACS killed?

Hi guys,

i have a problem. I own a WD15EACS. It ran about 2 years without any problems. One day the PC didn´t recognized it. I tried lots of different PC, USB-SATA Adpater and so on.  But the BIOS , Windows and Linux didn´t find the HDD.

So i changed the pcb with the eeprom. Nothing happend and the waitet 2 month until yesterday. Yesterday a startet a new try and 2 times the hdd was recognized by  Windows for 2 minutes and i saw all my data. But after 2 min the hdd spins down and nothing happends.

If i power on the hdd, i hear zwo , three times a clicking and then the hdd doesn´t sound.

Maybe you have an idea to fix this.

Thank you.


Unfortunately, the described behavior matches a possible malfunction. I would recommend performing a complete and deep disk test using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows as a confirmation, as explained in the following link:


hi, thank you for your response. But unfortunately the PC and the Bios don´t see the HDD.